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At the core of the most successful online programs is world-class instructional design. CourseArc was created as a tool to enhance the expertise and skills of instructional designers. We are continuously increasing our tools and services to help our customers improve their foundations. We use our solution to provide courses on design methods and strategies and work with customers to guide and support their teams as they learn and grow. Rest assured, CourseArc is working behind the scenes to keep up with the latest best practices and distill information so it’s easy to digest and implement.

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CourseArc’s self-paced Instructional Design course lays out key components of the design process. Learn and implement practices to build high-quality content.

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Check out our video blog on the top ten ways to improve the design of your online course.

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“There was a LOT of great resources here and some information that I hadn’t even thought about that would impact student learning. It was less nuts and bolts about using CourseArc and a bit more about the aspects of solid design and development processes. It would be awesome to have a summary sheet PDF of links to all the PDFs that were provided as resources as a completion gift. The resources really were incredibly well done.”

Instructional Design Student