New CourseArc Features: Bookmarking and Templated Courses!

We're thrilled to release our latest updates to CourseArc! Thanks to our users' feedback, we've rolled out several enhancements that we think you'll love. Bookmarking Managing expectations is a huge factor in student success, and that includes letting them know how far they've come in your course and how long they still have left to go. [...]

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How to Make Online Learning Easy for First-Time eLearners

Learning in a new environment can be difficult. These tips will help instructional designers develop a new student orientation process to ensure the success of first-time eLearners.

How Reusable Learning Objects Can Help You Design Online Courses Faster

Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) are a great tool for saving time when developing online eLearning courses. Here are some tips for designing and applying them to your design workflow.

How to Improve Learning Retention with Contextual Feedback

For students to benefit the most from online courses, instructional designers should include appropriate contextual and corrective feedback. Here are some examples of feedback that works.