Over the past year, the feature request we’ve heard most from users was the ability to track the progress of online learners. Yes, CourseArc was built to help you create high quality online courses quickly and easily, but how do you know if your students or employees are actually learning? With our latest update, we have solved that issue—you now see exactly where is each learner is on the road to completion as well as detailed scoring information for graded activities.

All organizations now have the option to track user performance. Opting in to this feature will give your instructors or managers access to a dashboard view of every student’s progress throughout each CourseArc module, while also allowing each individual student to see his or her own individual progress.

Screenshot of student progress dashboard

Screenshot of student progress dashboard

With our simple dashboard, instructors or managers can instantly see up-to-date information on how each student is progressing without the need for taking additional steps, such as running a separate report.

The “More Info” button allows instructors to view additional information about students’ progress and helps them to determine if students are viewing all pages in a module and interacting with the content. The results of quizzes, matching activities, and other scored interactive blocks can be seen here, and an instructor can view each student’s score and click through to see how the student answered individual quiz questions and other activities.

Screenshot of an individual students' progress throughout a module

Screenshot of an individual students’ progress throughout a module


Why Is Seeing a Learner’s Progress Useful?

This information empowers instructors to make any helpful interventions or instructional decisions that may be necessary to support online students, especially if they’re struggling to succeed. Managers can also use this information to quickly confirm that employees have completed critical compliance training. (Also, check out our tips for making mandatory compliance training more enjoyable and easier to remember.)

Perhaps most importantly, this information is available to the student, which can be crucial in helping them form good time management and progress habits.

In the dashboard, students are able to track their own progress and receive immediate feedback on how they performed on quizzes or other activities. They can use this information to review content or reach out for additional support. It also helps them plan ahead to ensure they are able to complete all of the requirements on time, which is especially important with non-traditional and adult learners who may be new to the responsibility of taking self-directed online courses. (Here are some other ways you can make the experience easier for first-time eLearners.)

For more how-to tips on this student reporting feature, please visit our knowledge base.

What Do You Need to Do to Activate These Features?

Nothing at all!

We don’t version our tools because we know that downloading and replacing versions of a tool across multiple computers is no one’s idea of a good time. So if you’re already an existing CourseArc customer, these new features are automatically available in your existing installations of CourseArc. (Wasn’t that easy?)

If you’re not currently a CourseArc customer, get started today with our custom demo and see what you can create!