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Custom Content Development

Short on time or need assistance with designing content? We can help by building the content you need within CourseArc. We will develop engaging and interactive custom content to meet your goals and objectives. Our collaboration tools will allow you to still be involved, making communication and content approval easy.


Custom Rich Media

Need help with graphics or rich media? We can help by creating graphics, video, screencasts, animation, and professional voice-over to meet your requirements. Provide your specifications, and we will create and embed the custom media into your CourseArc content. Our collaboration tools provide access for you to view and approve the content custom media in your CourseArc content, making custom rich media creation seamless.


Custom Template and Branding Development

We can build custom templates to your specifications that can be used throughout your organization and across all projects for quality control and consistency. We can also import your logo and color scheme to ensure branding consistency if you don’t want to do it yourself.

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Custom Block Development

CourseArc includes a wide variety of instructional and assessment blocks that make content and course development quick and easy. If you are looking for functionality that we don’t have, just let us know. We will build it for you.

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Professional Development

CourseArc is intuitive, and getting started is quick and easy with an on-demand Knowledge Base that guides users through building content step by step. Additional support is provided along the way through roll-over, just in time contextual help, available as you are building content. Looking for more formal training? We can provide web-based and in-person training tailored specifically to the needs of your organization.

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Accessibility Training

The templated design in CourseArc provides the toolset for creating fully accessible content. Articles in the Knowledge Base provide the step-by-step instructions and design tips for accessibility. The CourseArc team can also meet with your team up front to create an accessible design plan and/or review your content for accessibility prior to launching it with users.

Contact Us for Pricing at sales@coursearc.com
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