Well-designed courses are just one part of a successful online program. To ensure your online program is thriving, CourseArc offers a la carte services, including but not limited to strategizing the implementation of a completely new online program, migrating content from one online platform to another, providing additional skilled designers that create highly effective online programs and courses using your materials, or planning a custom training program to fill skill gaps in your design team. Our array of services aid organizations in developing solutions for their unique needs. Tailored and flexible to effectively serve your organization and its goals, CourseArc’s professional services team works in partnership with your team to produce results.

“I must admit that I went reluctantly into the online instructional age. I was unsure that curriculum content developed and refined over 30 years of classroom presentation could be adequately converted to eLearning. The projects that were done by CourseArc took my breath away; easy to use, yet powerful. The only word I can use to describe their work and platform is BRILLIANT!”

George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, FACLP, FAPA

Concierge Coaching and Design Support

Because CourseArc values each and every client, our team develops an in-depth knowledge of each organization and their online programming goals. Our years of expertise in building high-quality content will ensure your team receives the experienced guidance they require. CourseArc Concierge is available to consult, answer questions and keep your team on track for as much help as is needed, for as long as you need us.

Content Development

Hire our experts for your design needs–big or small. From single instructional objects to learning modules, courses and entire online programs, CourseArc works with your subject matter experts throughout development to efficiently build a final product that is a true asset to your organization.

Instructional Design Training

Design best practices take your team to the next level and yield superior content production for your audience. CourseArc’s Principles of Instructional Design course covers key concepts, processes, skills and tools required to produce rich, engaging and accessible online courses. Our self-paced, facilitated and custom cohort options up-skill your team and build their confidence in online learning design.

Content Migration

CourseArc tailored training can fill in the gaps, whether it’s teaching the key steps for successful online course development projects, best practices in eLearning instructional design, or harnessing the power of CourseArc for your specific program needs. Custom webinars or in-person training sessions will help your team deliver value, quickly.

LMS Support

A Learning Management System (LMS) provides the structure to disseminate and manage your content. But within each LMS, there are myriad nuances and options that impact how your learners, facilitators and administrators experience your content. But not all LMSs have the ease of use and scalability your organization requires. Whether it’s determining which LMS is the best fit for the organization’s needs, planning the strategic implementation of your LMS, transitioning from one LMS to another, or providing administrative support, the CourseArc team works to optimize your learner and administrator experiences in this key system.

Tailored Training

Tailored training is a precise, data-driven approach to skill improvement of your design team. Through custom webinars, in-person sessions and/or online modules, CourseArc meets your team members exactly where they are to grow their skills. Whether it’s process, outcome alignment, design, accessibility or learning the CourseArc platform, customized training plans ensure your organization continues to achieve specific goals that matter most to your overall success.

Accessibility Support

Every organization has a legal obligation and responsibility to provide online content that people of all ability levels are able to access. CourseArc understands that when it comes to compliance, each organization’s experience level and staff capacity differs. Our team of experts help clients prioritize accessibility and cultivate a culture of inclusivity. We offer review and development services including risk assessment of existing content, identification of and rectification of Civil Rights violations and WCAG 2.1 AA compliance training

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