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Leveling Up Your Professional Learning

A Case for Setting a Standard Framework for Professional Learning Online Content Development

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the online learning spotlight shone brightly on K-12 and higher education. Rightfully so, as school systems and higher education institutions across the world were scrambling to find a better online learning solution, or enhance what they already had. But as the media focused on these traditional educational organizations, massive changes were underway in the professional learning space, driven by two major areas of expansion: remote work and the digital content boom. What was once thought of as temporary, these expansions continue to impact enterprises big and small. 

Remote Working Boom

As professionals left the office space and began working from home in early 2020 in order to stem the spread of COVID-19, many thought it would be temporary but a large number of companies have decided to continue remote work permanently. Many enterprises and organizations are also investing more heavily in their Learning & Development programs to retain their current employees. Organizations are redesigning the way they engage, educate, and interact with their employees. For many organizations, however, creating high-quality online content is a daunting task. How do you ensure your company culture is preserved and showcased appropriately? How can you retain your employees while also allowing your business to grow? How can you ensure employees are compliant? How can your chief learning officers continue to provide valuable learning and development opportunities to allow the workforce to grow professionally?

Digital Content Wave

Many organizations are investing in digital paid content as a way to help people continue to live fulfilling lives even if they are required to spend more time at home or socially distanced. As COVID-19 continues to surge and recede, the public is becoming more and more accustomed to finding new sources of education and entertainment online. Additionally, the metaverse is here and the virtual world is an additional place where people can socialize, work and play. As such, there will continue to be high demand for quality online content–and a high demand for enterprises to produce high-quality content rooted in design best practices. Organizations and enterprises that harness digital content–both in its creation and dissemination–will more likely have an edge. Of course, CourseArc’s product can ensure that organizations create consistent content with ease and efficiency.

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Many organizations, however, have been limited with what they are able to create as a result of technology requirements and compatibility restraints, like SCORM, when selecting tools to design content. The best professional learning content is deep-seated in design best practices, educational science, and is created in a collaborative and intentional process. That is why CourseArc is proud to announce that we have invested in bringing our platform to enterprises that seek a better professional learning experience. With our standardized frameworks of LTI and now SCORM compliance, the CourseArc platform can ensure that enterprises create consistent, dynamic, engaging content with ease and efficiency. 

Is your organization eager to take advantage of adult online education consumption or already serving this growing segment? Is your enterprise ready to embrace content creation or take your content up a notch? Here are the five most important checkpoints to consider and to ensure your development process will yield high-quality digital content:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Design framework/best practices
  3. Seamless integration
  4. Engaging content with a variety of learning modalities
  5. Scalability

There is an undeniable opportunity to level-up digital content and engage with a larger audience. Whether looking to hire and retain the right people or create valuable paid content for your target audience, the expectations of content consumers are going up. Are you ready to provide compelling online content? CourseArc can help you implement a plan to quickly take advantage of this massive opportunity. 

CourseArc is a content authoring and management system that facilitates the collaborative creation of engaging and accessible online learning. Transform the learning experience with CourseArc, and keep your audience coming back for more. Learn more.

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