quality assuranceAt CourseArc we have created hundreds of engaging online modules for our clients and in this process we have found that many K-12 organizations, universities, and corporate training departments have few to no resources with formal training in instructional design. That’s why we are excited to release our free, self-paced course, titled Principles of Instructional Design: A Roadmap for Creating Engaging eLearning Content.

Learn more about instructional design and eLearning with our fifth module, titled Ongoing Evaluation. Putting the course together and ensuring that the content is accurate, engaging, and reusable are definitely important elements of instructional design. However, without ongoing evaluation, it will be hard to predict the effectiveness of the training program.

In this module we will

  • apply Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation to your course design.
  • use the ROI model to calculate and assess eLearning return-on-investment.
  • identify the relationship between needs analysis and Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation.
  • create valid and reliable assessment instruments.
  • develop effective evaluation tools for each level of evaluation.
  • provide appropriate intrinsic and extrinsic feedback to your learners.
  • describe best practices for internal and external reviews.
  • conduct alpha, beta, and pilot testing.

To view the course, select this link: Principles of Instructional Design: A Roadmap for Creating Engaging eLearning Content – Ongoing Evaluation.