We’re thrilled to release our latest updates to CourseArc! Thanks to our users’ feedback, we’ve rolled out several enhancements that we think you’ll love.


Managing expectations is a huge factor in student success, and that includes letting them know how far they’ve come in your course and how long they still have left to go. If your CourseArc administrator enables student tracking, you’ll see our new bookmarking feature, which enables students to quickly get back to their most recent page and see their progress. Visual cues in the left navigation indicate which pages have been viewed, and they will be redirected to where they left off when they visit a module from their LMS.

Master Courses

Want to template out more in CourseArc? If a CourseArc administrator configures a Master Course, the designated Master Course’s settings and content will be copied into every new course.  This makes it much easier for faculty to get their new course up and running while allowing instructional designers to create standards for settings and content.

Worry-Free Deletions

Previously, when a content editor mistakenly deleted content, it was a bit unwieldy for us to restore pages. Now, all deleted content will be moved into a separate Trash folder and our support team can help you restore it quickly.