With CourseArc, you can make the learning count and keep your students coming back for more online courses with engaging, interactive, and accessible content. If you’d like to see how CourseArc can help you extend the content creation abilities of Moodle, join our next webinar with eThink Education where we’ll show users of the Moodle LMS what CourseArc can do. While the lessons we share will be framed in the context of Moodle, our underlying principles can be applied to any LMS.

Some highlights include:

Engaging and Interactive Content

By making it easy to create interactive modules that include rich media like audio and video, and interactivity like student polls and drag and drops, course creators have a wide array of options to excite and engage their students. This helps you create courses that your students will actually want to complete! (Plus, our tracking dashboard helps you see where every student is on their learning path, so you can jump in and help anyone who’s falling behind.)

One example of drag and drop functionality for creating interactive course exercises

CourseArc has many different activities to engage students. Shown here is a drag and drop matching exercise.

Accessibility and Compliance

When you use CourseArc, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your content complies with all legal accessibility requirements. That’s because our tools make it easy to create courses that are fully accessible, WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 compliant, and which pass JAWs and other accessibility tests.

Example of Accessibility features in CourseArc

CourseArc automatically generates accessible transcripts and alternative activities. Shown here is an accessible transcript for a graph.

Universal Integration

Every course you create using CourseArc will seamlessly integrate with Moodle, or any LTI Learning Management System. That’s because we empower our users to create highly-engaging courses and extend the capabilities of their LMS. CourseArc courses are also device-responsive, which means your course will look great on any screen, so your students can learn at their own time and pace on any device they choose, from desktops and laptops to tablets and phones.

See Examples of CourseArc Content in Action

screenshot of CourseArc content embedded into Moodle

CourseArc seamlessly integrates with any LMS that supports LTI. Shown here is how CourseArc displays in Moodle.

laptop with a screenshot from the accessibility course

Sample Pages from an Accessibility Training Course for Content Creators

screenshot from a cyber security course

Sample Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees

Photo of a CourseArc interactive exercise on a laptop screen

Sample Module on User Centered Design for Instructional Designers

laptop showing an image hotspot activity with a map of Europe

Sample Lesson on World War I from a Modern World History Course