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Company Overview

Griffin-Hammis Associates is a small but mighty organization that helps individuals who experience disabilities find quality jobs. They are an internationally recognized pioneer in developing customized employment services for people with disabilities. The organization consults in community rehabilitation improvement, job creation and job site training for individuals and families, provider agencies, schools and teachers, state and federal systems and government agencies. They regularly provide self-employment training, customized employment training certified by the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) and Everyone Can Work trainings, among other educational offerings.

The Case: Unlocking More Potential

While Griffin-Hammis has made a big impact in the lives of their clients by helping them achieve gainful employment and increasing economic growth in communities, they needed a better and more engaging way to deliver training. With an organization of 100 percent practitioners and zero percent technological know-how or support, they needed a solution that delivered engaging training content beyond a pre-recorded webinar and was also easy to learn.

“We were trying to find a mechanism for more interactive, intuitive, user-friendly trainings. We are a company of 100% practitioners, so we have no technical department or expertise.”

Beth Keeton, Executive Director

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“We are huge fans of CourseArc’s commitment to accessibility. If we have a user having issues, CourseArc will not only hop on a call with us, they will also hop on with the user to truly understand what issues they may be having so that they could have a better user experience. They want to partner with organizations to improve.”
Beth Keeton, Executive Director


So many of the solutions Griffin-Hammis found and researched required a development team, or an arduous undertaking of training—both options that weren’t appealing or an option for them. Griffin-Hammis found that other products on the market had an exorbitant pricing structure coupled with a learning arc that was too steep, and many had a one-size-fits-all approach.

They found software products that did some of the things they wanted to do, but not all, and integration was a nightmare. In addition, as an organization that works directly with and supports people with disabilities, choosing a software product that prioritized accessibility was a must. Not many products on the market integrated accessibility automatically.

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Outcome: Partners in Growth

As Beth Keeton stated, once they found CourseArc, they never looked back. With the help of CourseArc, Griffin-Hammis took their training offerings from static, non-reusable presentations that didn’t have a lot of reach to easily modifiable engaging and interactive courses that could be deployed to more people.

Their first task was to convert a six-module, twelve-week training series from a standalone pre-recorded webinar to a highly interactive and engaging course. Two states, Texas and Florida, have since adopted it. They also expanded their course offerings, adding their “Everyone Can Work” training–designed in CourseArc–to train disability service professionals, families and advocates. Seven states have adopted that training.

In addition, the organization has created a customized course, “Customized Employment”, for vocational rehabilitation counselors in six states. Because of the ease of use and CourseArc’s Copy Course feature, Griffin-Hammis has been able to modify this course for different target groups.

“We have created different versions to target different roles. It saves us time and allows us to keep the messaging consistent.”
Molly Sullivan, Senior Associate, Griffin-Hammis Associates

Griffin-Hammis started by building one course in 2018 and now has over 40 courses. Their learners have accessed over 220,000 pages of content, averaging more than 200 page hits daily and completing over 83,000 interactives. There are plans to continue adding to their training offerings. CourseArc has allowed Griffin-Hammis to move forward with a broader vision for how to provide high-quality training more consistently in a variety of settings.

“Our focus the next three years is to take these foundational pieces and begin to broaden the audience in terms of the number of states and the number of people in the audience or both. We want to increase knowledge. CourseArc has made this all possible for us.”
Molly Sullivan, Senior Associate, Griffin-Hammis Associates
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