Missing puzzle piecesDigital content can be part of many programs in K-12 school districts, including self-paced, individualized instruction and remediation, credit recovery, curriculum for alternative school settings, expansion of district course offerings to provide equitable opportunities at all schools, and many more. Vendor-created content and assessment tools fit quite well into many programs that extend beyond the traditional classroom as well as within classrooms that utilize blended learning.

There is a wealth of high-quality digital content and assessment available for districts to purchase, but even with this plethora of products, districts still have gaps in digital content they need filled:

  • State or district-specific standards not covered by vendor content that was developed for a national audience
  • Digital resources that teachers can easily blend into and correlate with their lesson plans and students can use for practice at school, home, or in a flipped classroom model
  • Concepts tested on high-stakes assessments that large numbers of students in a district fail that are included in vendor content, but not covered nor practiced in a way that leads to proficiency on the tests
  • Lack of digital resources that are accessible and can be used by students with disabilities
  • Digital curriculum resources, including PD for adults in the district, that integrate seamlessly with the district LMS so they can be easily accessed by all teachers and students

CourseArc is a tool for easy creation of engaging and interactive online content and courses. District curriculum staff and teachers can use CourseArc to fill the gaps and, ultimately, lessen the dependency on expensive, vendor-created content.

Our intuitive templated approach makes content creation easy for any subject matter expert. Prior instructional design or coding experience is not needed to quickly create appealing and interactive digital content in CourseArc that students will want to complete. CourseArc’s content is also accessible for all students, including those with disabilities, fully meeting WCAG 2.0 AA requirements. (You can learn more about the basics of online course accessibility here.)

Content built in CourseArc can be customized with district and school branding and age-appropriate fonts and icons. Progress and performance data is included, with dashboard and detailed reporting for all roles, including administrators, teachers, and students. CourseArc can also enhance your LMS and integrate with your LMS gradebook, securely passing scores on assessments and graded assignments through LTI integration.

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A drag-and-drop online course exercise designed in CourseArc

ABOVE: Vocabulary building, drag and drop activity, with alternative activity, automatically generated by the system, for students who cannot physically complete the activity

Example of a video embedded in an online education module designed with CourseArc

ABOVE: Embedded video in a professional development module from Baltimore County Public Schools

FEATURED IMAGE: “Missing Piece” by OnePoint Services, via Flickr Creative Commons License