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A Few of our Favorite CourseArc Features

CourseArc’s curated features are devised by real content creators and are routinely expanded upon through collaboration and feedback from clients and experts in the field. We asked our Professional Services team (who are also avid users of the CourseArc platform) to narrow down some of their favorites and this is what we got! In no particular order, here are a few of our favorite CourseArc features:

Content Authoring

Content developers using CourseArc can create effective online courses with ease. Our authoring tools encompass many learning modalities in a modular, easy to iterate process. Designers in CourseArc weave together multifaceted learning experiences that get to the heart of comprehension. Our favorite authoring tools keep designers organized and efficient as they expand their rich content library.

Block Clipboard

Think of the Block Clipboard feature like a digital clipboard. Similar to what you might find in your word processing programs, the Clipboard feature allows you to store copied and pasted content. It can easily be populated in another location. The game-changer about the clipboard in CourseArc is content stays there until you delete it! Here’s what our team had to say about why they love it:

Clipboard feature in CourseArc

“I love the flexibility the clipboard affords me when laying out content. Being able to save multiple blocks to the clipboard is so helpful when deciding how you want your content to flow as you can easily add and remove content without losing it and having to recreate it.”
~ Jill 


A boilerplate is a predefined template of content blocks that can be added to a course page. In CourseArc, individual blocks on a boilerplate can be edited, copied to the Clipboard, moved and deleted. Why we love it:

View of adding in a video to the boilerplate feature

“The ability to create boilerplates makes building in CourseArc even more efficient as you can add robust content with one click, and I love that it allows organizations to easily create consistent learning experiences for their users.”
~ Jill

Chunking with Accordions and Tabs

The Accordions and Tabs Blocks allow you to format content into chunks. Learning science recommends reducing scrolling and cognitive load for learners. Chunking content is easy with these two blocks–and content creators can use tabs or accordions to guide the learner and reiterate key concepts.

Example of chunking in CourseArc

“I love the ability to easily organize and chunk content in a way that guides and supports the learner. Yay for organized content!”
~ Lauryn


Our robust glossary provides more than just definitions for relevant terminology. When adding a word in the glossary, designers can incorporate illustrations, equations, audio and links allowing users to gain deeper understanding of concepts through multi-modal materials when clicking on the linked words in their courses.

Glossary feature in CourseArc

“I love that you can bulk upload terms into the glossary and then easily link those terms from the glossary to the content blocks. I also love that you can add images, audio, links, and even equations to the glossary terms.”

Content Management

Alongside the content authoring capabilities of CourseArc are powerful management tools that support your entire team through the development process and beyond as your library grows and changes over time. Research shows that a collaborative design process incorporating expertise and perspectives from varying stakeholders results in more equitable and effective content—a complex process made simple with some of our most-loved management features:

Comments & Tasks

CourseArc keeps teams in the zone using task assignments built directly into the tool. Team members can see their own assignments and assign tasks to other team members. Comments hyperlink to their corresponding pages and show the course, module, page, comment, author and timestamp providing order and clarity during drafting and revision. Checkmarks appear next to resolved comments, retaining comment history while highlighting unresolved tasks. These functions make it easy to collaborate with team members, stay on task and instill quality assurance from the beginning.

Comments feature in CourseArc

“As a person that loves to find efficiency gains in any process, I love the collaborative feature! It allows the team to collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously.”

Page Status

A boilerplate is a predefined template of content blocks that can be added to a course page. In CourseArc, individual blocks on a boilerplate can be edited, copied to the Clipboard, moved and deleted. Why we love it:

Approval feature in CourseArc

“CourseArc’s Professional Services Team loves using the Approval feature to obtain approval on each page to ensure client satisfaction with the final product. Viewing if a page is approved can be done in several places to help you see the entire module at a glance and what is left when trying to meet a deadline.”

The page status can be viewed and changed at the module level for a batch of pages all at once, so when it is time for an annual review of the content, you can flip everything back to Editing with just a couple of clicks.

Page Status in CourseArc

Course Report

The Course Report feature provides a bird’s eye view of course-specific information, such as tasks, assigned user roles, page status and LTI URLs. Course Report is also valuable for quick fixes. If there’s a broken link, for example, the Course Report function will flag it. It can then easily be resolved. Managers save loads of time because they can quickly evaluate the status of a particular course with a glance at the Course Report.

Course Report feature in CourseArc

“I love being able to view at-a-glance the status of all pages in a course, check for broken links, and see if there are any outstanding tasks or comments that need to be resolved. Huge timesaver!”
~ Katie

LTI & SCORM Integration


With CourseArc’s LTI integration, users experience a seamless integration with their LMS. It includes live updates for content changes and tracks learners’ progress and scores on individual activities in real time. Content creators can make one change in CourseArc, which then updates all content immediately in any deployed course across the organization. It’s a time saver, and one that our team loves. 

“The ability to make a change in CourseArc and have the content update immediately in any deployed course is an awesome time saver for faculty/content developers.”
~ Lauryn


Content Creators whose LMSs don’t support LTI Integration can take advantage of the SCORM feature. Being able to use CourseArc to create interactive and accessible activities for those LMSs is a game changer. SCORM also tracks learner completion and provides a final score.

Explore More

These features are just the tip of the iceberg of what CourseArc offers. Want to discover more of CourseArc’s features? Schedule time with our team to learn more. Need help creating your online content? Talk with our Professional Services team.

Meet Some Members of Our Professional Services Team


Stacey manages CourseArc’s Professional Services team as they support clients in developing high-quality online content and helps clients see how they can use the CourseArc platform or services to best meet their needs. Stacey’s background is in training development and content management.


Jill is an experienced design coach who is passionate about guiding clients through the conceptualization and creation of high-quality, accessible content, helping to ensure that they have confidence when launching new learning programs. Jill’s background is in instructional design with experience in K-12, higher education, and corporate education and training.


Lauryn’s background is in instructional design, with over a decade of experience in higher education and corporate training. She has experience both developing online content and training instructors on pedagogy and e-learning tools. Lauryn’s passions include learner engagement and accessibility, with a focus on developing high-quality courses with the best possible learner experience.


Katie’s background is in instructional design. Prior to CourseArc, she spent years managing custom online content development projects. She is the CEO of CourseArc.


Michelle obtained her MBA with a concentration in organizational leadership and development and is also a certified PMP.  Michelle  oversees the development of project management processes and systems within CourseArc to increase the efficient and consistent quality delivery across all projects.

CourseArc was built to support organizations as they build online content. Check out our resource site to see how we can help your team. See our tool in action and then check our blog and social media feeds for additional resources and case studies on how our clients are using CourseArc.

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