Intro to Design – Everything Non-Designers Need to Know to Create Visually Appealing Content

An eBook Covering All You Need to Know About Graphic Design

color wheelWhat is design? Are you a creator of courses or other content for your company and struggling to make it visually appealing? Do you want to take your designs to the next level?

In this eBook, our expert designer answers all the frequently asked questions about design and how a well-designed course can provide immense value to your business.

Here’s what you will get in the eBook:

  • A breakdown of the basic elements of design and how each element works together. (A college course summed up in 15 pages!)
  • Tips, tricks, and resources to make your design journey easier than ever.
  • Tons of examples of designs taken from good to stellar.
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Watch our Design Fundamentals webinar to learn how visual design can enhance online learning with basic graphic design principles and components.

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Check out CourseArc’s popular Principles of Instructional Design course which examines the latest in eLearning best practices.

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