eLearningAt CourseArc we have created hundreds of engaging online modules for our clients and in this process we have found that many K-12 organizations, universities, and corporate training departments have few to no resources with formal training in instructional design. That’s why we are excited to release our free, self-paced course, titled Principles of Instructional Design: A Roadmap for Creating Engaging eLearning Content.

Learn more about instructional design and eLearning with our fourth module, titled Define and Develop. When creating online courses, think about instructional design for eLearning in terms of learning objects, and create as many reusable pieces to ensure our online courses are developed quickly and efficiently. When most instructional designers think about reusable content, they often think about all the visual elements that go into courses. However, there are many other objects that can be easily reused such as assessment feedback, instructions, video and audio pieces.

In this module we will

  • identify best practices for filenaming in online course development.
  • explain copyright laws.
  • identify best practices for obtaining permission to use copyrighted items including providing appropriate attribution, incorporating content from other sources, and using Creative Commons.
  • determine how images enhance course content and improve learning.
  • address issues related to writing skills and styles.
  • identify examples of boilerplates, page elements, and tools that are helpful in developing online courses.
  • explain the importance of storyboarding.

To view the course, select this link: Principles of Instructional Design: A Roadmap for Creating Engaging eLearning Content – Define and Develop.