Every school district, every classroom, every teacher, and every student is different. The needs, expectations, and the methods to meet desired outcomes for each are different. As online learning expands into more districts and classrooms, the education technology fueling the learning experience must be adaptable to each unique setting and user. Personalized learning allows both a teacher and a student to customize the learning experience, and innovative education technology can be used to create these individualized learning opportunities.

Blended Learning Models

Blended learning is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of personalized learning. This approach combines the best methods from the traditional classroom, including face-to-face learning, with an engaging and interactive online platform that features original and interactive content. The combination of the two learning experiences allows both teacher and student to use the tools that are best for each. It also prepares students for a world outside the classroom that expects them to arrive with strong 21st century future-ready skills, such as information acquisition and critical analysis.

Education leaders interested in investing in educational technology to support blended learning in their classrooms and beyond should examine whether it enables the best of both learning experiences. Students should be able to move through lessons at their own pace and direction and have access to an array of virtual tools. Teachers should be able to build on what they are already doing well and improve, not simply replace. Strong education technology also gives a district and a teacher the freedom to determine what is best for their own classroom.

Teacher-Designed Blended Learning Models

Teachers are likely to see the best results when they combine their own instruction methods with a well-developed technology product to create a teacher-designed blended learning model. Such a model allows a teacher to determine what content is best for his or her classroom. The most useful education technology products are designed to let teachers create their own engaging, interactive, and accessible content for a teacher-designed blended learning model. This strategy encourages more individualized learning opportunities at different levels. It also allows teachers to share their locally-created digital resources with other schools, teachers, and students through the district learning management system (LMS).

Achieving Success

Teachers must also be given the tools to succeed in a blended learning classroom. Professional development should be provided to serve as a guide for teachers looking to maximize the effect of combining face-to-face learning and online content. A strong education technology product will provide this development and support educators as they craft their own approach to personalized learning.

CourseArc is a content creation tool that enables easy creation of engaging, interactive, and accessible content that integrates seamlessly with your LMS and can be shared throughout a district. It was designed to be used by subject matter experts, such as teachers, to create their own online content based on their already strong curriculum for blended and other online learning.

To learn more about CourseArc and creating content for blended and personalized learning, check out our online resourcesYou can also email us at info@coursearc.com for further information or to schedule a demo.