steam boilerplate

D.M. Dillon Steam Boiler Works, Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Boiler plate located in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

The term “boiler plate” originally referred to the metal plate that was placed on a steam boiler by its manufacturer. As time went on, the printing industry began to use the same term to identify parts of the newspaper that would often be reproduced, such as an advertisement, and therefore were cast in stone since it was more durable. The term further evolved in the legal field to refer to the parts of a contract that were standard and didn’t change.

In eLearning, boilerplate refers to any reusable chunks of content or code that are included in many different parts of a course with minor changes. Some examples are:

  • directions to take an online quiz
  • introductory page in a course
  • summary page in a course
  • vocabulary exercise
  • footer with a copyright statement

Here are two examples of boilerplate, the first one for a writing team and the second one for a development team.

sample boilerplate for a writing team to create a discussion post

Sample Boilerplate for a writer or subject matter expert to Create a Discussion Activity. Only the highlighted areas need to be edited by the writer.

Sample Boilerplate for a developer to embed a video on a page.

CourseArc‘s Boilerplate Template function allows you to create and manage reusable content. This makes it easy for you to keep your content consistent and reduce the time and effort spent on the project.