accessible online contentCourseArc’s founding story centers on creating better lifelong learning opportunities for all and removing barriers so everyone can learn. We saw firsthand the limitations that many products on the market had—especially when it came to accessibility—and worked to build a course authoring tool that would address that. That drive to create accessible online course content has remained at the forefront of everything we do. 

Accessible design begins by weaving best practices throughout the design process to ensure the best user experience for people with visible and invisible disabilities. When design is accessible, it provides a better learning experience for everyone, not just some.

New best practices continue to be developed alongside new technologies to ensure that accessibility isn’t an afterthought. Designing online content with accessibility in mind is our focus and accessibility will continue to be woven into the process at all stages of development.

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Watch our Actionable Accessibility Advice webinar to learn how to incorporate best practices for equitable, accessible and high-quality course content.

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Read our blogs to learn how to incorporate best practices in digital content creation to help you meet both Section 508 requirements and WCAG guidelines.

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Ensure your organization complies with Civil Rights, ADA and WCAG 2.1 AA laws and regulations. Contact our team for risk assessments, compliance training and other accessibility services.

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